National Decarbonization of Honduras

Designing clean public policy for economic development

Current adaptation coordinator and member of the drafting team of the National Decarbonization Strategy of Honduras (ENDRCH). 

Former Coordinator of Visiting Researchers for the National Decarbonization Plan of Honduras with the Presidential Office for Climate Change of Honduras. Led a team of 12 visiting researchers to draft the foundations of the National Decarbonization Plan, while establishing alliances with 10 international universities.

Served as Alternate Focal Point to the 2050 Pathways Platform for Honduras.


SWITCH-Honduras: Energy Systems Modeling for decarbonization

Research for science-based policymaking 

SWITCH-Honduras, based on SWITCH 2.0, is an optimization model developed by the University of Hawaii and RAEL (University of California, Berkeley) to assess investments in energy generation assets to reach national decarbonization paths.

Collaborating with the Secretary of Energy of Honduras and the Presidential Office for Climate Change to assess affordable pathways to decarbonize the energy sector before 2050.


Sustenta Honduras: Youth for Climate Action Empowerment

Youth leading action in the world's most climate-vulnerable country

Sustenta Honduras is a youth-led national NGO that works with international development agencies on climate adaptation, sensibilization and public participation. 

Sustenta hosts a community of more than 500 young leaders committed to the transformation of their country through sustainable development.  It currently leads 6 projects for ambitious climate action, focusing on education, governance, research and activism.


Other Projects


Internal Coordinator of the Honduran Network for the Escazu Agreement

Ad-hoc support to governments on matters relating to climate change, energy, forestry and civil society and development.

Research Affiliate on energy modelling and decarbonization

Mentor and Climate Reality Leader for the Climate Reality Project